Title: Bending
Author: Joules Mer
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: T/R
Disclaimer: Enterprise is the property of Paramount.  No profit was made, no copyright infringement was intended.
Beta: None.
Series:  The Harp Chronicles (sequel to Harmonica Lessons).


    Malcolm woke slowly, revelling in the presence of a warm body in bed with him.  He blinked the sleep out of his eyes and shifted so that he could look at Trip.  The man in question was sprawled out on his back, still sound asleep.  His features smoothed out when he slept and the man looked years younger.  The boy that had grown into the man was plain to see.  Malcolm carefully reached out and gently traced a fingertip along Trip's jaw.  He almost couldn't believe that he was here with Trip.  The events of the previous night had an almost surreal quality to them.  The whole night had been positively magical.


    The door swished shut behind them, abruptly ending Jon's goodnights.  They walked together towards their quarters in silence, the fact that they were holding hands was the only testament to the earlier incident with the captain.  It wasn't long before they reached Trip's quarters.  Trip dropped Malcolm's hand and turned to face him.  He scrubbed a hand through his hair and smiled at Malcolm before speaking, "Mal, what you said earlier, ya meant it?"

    Malcolm looked the other man in the eye, "Yes Trip I did."

    "Oh, ah, good."  Malcolm grinned to see the normally talkative man lost for words.  "Would ya like ta come in?"

    Malcolm's smile widened.  He loved the way Trip's accent thickened when he was nervous.  "I'd like that very much."  Trip opened the door and ushered him in.  Malcolm looked around the room carefully, enjoying finding reflections of the man in the decorations.  Trip's quarters were far less spartan than Malcolm's.

    Trip stood back as the other man examined the room, waiting until he had regained Malcolm's full attention before speaking.  Malcolm turned to him and moistened his lips causing Trip's heart to flip-flop in his chest.  At some level Trip knew he wanted this, but he was still nervous and there were some things left to be said.  "Malcolm, I like you a lot, but..."  Trip trailed off and turned distinctly pink.  It only took Malcolm a moment to catch on.

    "You've never been with another man before."

    Trip nodded gratefully, relieved that Malcolm understood.  He looked apprehensive for a moment before he blurted, "I'd really like to learn though."

    Malcolm smiled at Trip in amusement, grateful that Jonathan Archer had conspired to have this happen.  "I'll be glad to instruct you."  Malcolm all but purred.  He could tell that Trip was still nervous so he attempted to put him at ease.  "How about we keep things simple tonight?"  Trip nodded tersely in agreement so Malcolm carefully removed his own shirt and was relieved to see Trip eagerly mirror his movements.  Malcolm took three steps forward so that he was standing chest to chest with Trip.  It was make or break time.  He reached up and cupped the back of Trip's neck, pulling the man down into a deep kiss.  Trip only held back for a moment before Malcolm felt the tension melt from his frame as he responded to the kiss.  Malcolm moaned in delight as he felt Trip's tongue enter his mouth and Trip's arms encircle his waist.  They kissed fervently and Malcolm felt Trip guide him backwards until the edge of Trip's bunk bumped against the back of his legs.  Malcolm gently placed his hands on Trip's shoulders and, hoping he knew where Trip wanted to go with this, gently lowered them until they were sitting on the edge of the bunk.  Trip continued to kiss him eagerly and Malcolm felt a wave of giddiness go through him.  He was actually here, in Trip's quarters, snogging the man senseless.

    Malcolm kissed until he was dizzy from lack of oxygen, and then kissed some more.  Finally, though, he had to pull away. Malcolm watched in wonder as Trip's blue eyes slowly slid open and he licked his kiss bruised lips.  Trip stared at him for a moment before one word came out of his mouth.  "Wow."

    "I would second that notion."  Trip leaned in for another kiss which Malcolm returned for a little while before pulling away again.  "Don't get me wrong, Trip, I'm really enjoying this, but I should probably go soon."  Trip looked at him searchingly for a long moment before he seemed to come to a decision.

    "Could ya stay?  We could just sleep or somethin'."  While Malcolm was definitely interested in the "or somethin' ," he knew Trip wasn't quite ready for that yet.

    "Sleep sounds lovely."  Trip beamed at him and quickly stripped down to his briefs.  Malcolm did the same and they both slipped into bed, cuddling closely together.


    Trip shifted suddenly, turning over and burrowing closer to Malcolm's warmth.  One hand snaked over Malcolm's chest and wrapped tightly around him.  Malcolm twisted and planted a kiss on Trip's forehead causing the man to twitch as he woke up.  Trip's eyes opened and he blinked blearily at Malcolm.


    "Good morning."  God he could get used to waking up like this.

    "What time is it?"


    "Why're y'awake?"

    "Because I was watching you sleep" was the unspoken reply.  "Because I have to leave soon."  Trip's brow furrowed in confusion.

    "We ain't on 'till 0900."

    "I should go before the corridors get too busy."  So saying he crawled out of bed and began to dress.

    "Oh."  Trip watched Malcolm dress, unsure what to say.  Malcolm finished dressing and stole a quick kiss before heading for the door.

    "Meet you for breakfast at 0800?"

    "You bet."  It wasn't quite what he wanted, but for Malcolm he was willing to bend a little.