Title: Bloody Computers

Author: Joules Mer

Author's e-mail: julia_ocean_child@yahoo.co.uk

Author's URL: http://jmenterprise.popullus.net

Date: Dec. 1, 2003

Archive: Only with permission.

Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise

Category: Slash

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: T/R

Summary: A listsib was having computer trouble so this was written.

Beta: None

Spoilers: none

Disclaimer: Enterprise is the property of Paramount.  No profit was made, no copyright infringement is intended

Bloody Computers


    "What?"  The voice was genuinely dumbfounded.  There were a couple of clicks and then a slightly louder, slightly angry, "What?"  There was frantic clicking as the keyboard was tapped mercilessly, "What!"  Trip cringed at the rage that was evident in the tone.  "Oh bloody hell I don't believe this!"

    Trip gently set his padd down and climbed off of the bunk, walking over to stand next to his lover.  Malcolm was staring at the dark screen of his computer monitor, his hands clenched into tight fists.  "What's up?"

    Malcolm scowled darkly at the blank screen before turning to look up at Trip.  "What do you think is up?"  He waved his hand at the offending technology, "This bloody useless machine turned itself off and took my reports with it."  He spun back in his chair and stabbed a key to punctuate his next words, "And. I. Can't. Turn. It. Back. On!"

    "Hmmm."  Trip leaned over and ineffectually punched the same key several times before scratching his head, "I dunno, Mal."

    "I can't start over.  I spent so long on them."  Malcolm practically howled in exasperation.

    Trip gently kneaded Malcolm's shoulders, "Oh darlin' I'm sorry."  Malcolm slumped in his chair and Trip gave him a few moments before he continued, "How about we go grab something to eat?"

    "I'm not hungry."  The sulky tone reminded Trip of the last time Malcolm had been sick.

    "Well I am.  How about we go get a snack and then head over to my quarters.  Perhaps I can find a way to cheer you up."

    Malcolm perked up slightly at that, "Cheer me up?"

    Trip leaned down and planted a quick kiss on the top of Malcolm's head, "Yep."

    "And in your quarters.  I refuse to be held accountable for my actions if I spend a minute longer in the presence of this abominable machine."

    "You can even stay the night."

    Malcolm definitely perked up a bit more, "Well, I suppose that would be acceptable."  He managed a weak smile as Trip pulled him out of his chair and to his feet.  He cast one last dirty look at his desk before resolutely turning his back on it.

    Trip slung an arm around Malcolm's shoulders as he guided the other man to the door.  Maybe later he'd gather his courage and tell Malcolm that he'd rigged the console to save and shut down after it registered over two hours of work.  Trip shuddered as he remembered how the veins had stood out on Malcolm's neck and forehead.  Maybe much later.