Title: Yes Dear
Author: Joules Mer
Rating: G
Disclaimer:  Enterprise is the property of Paramount.  No profit was made.  No copyright infringement was intended.
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A/N:  Unbeta'd.  I composed this in my head during a lecture at school.  A rather long lecture.

Yes Dear

    I didn't think there could be anything more boring than that month we spent in empty space between systems.  But this is even less interesting and seems to be taking even longer.  How long have I been sitting here?  A quick surreptitious check tells me it's been an hour.  I stifle a sigh, still far too long to go.  This is ridiculous.  I'm the captain of Earth's first warp five vessel, I don't have to put up with this.  I could order it to stop.  I could stand up right now, lean across the table, put on my best captain's voice and say, nothing, because I couldn't ever do that.  I fidget slightly in my seat, shifting my weight from one numb butt cheek to the other.  I glance down at the padd in front of me and idly nod along with whatever is being said.  I stopped actually processing the words over half an hour ago.

    I check the time again.  It's only two minutes later than when I last checked.  I was sure more time had passed.  I pick up my padd and start taking some "notes."  In actual fact I'm reviewing the movie schedule for the next month.  Maybe I can have a nice romantic night tonight, provided this ends in time.

    I check the time, it's been an hour and fifteen minutes.  How many seconds is that?  Let's see...1.25 hours is 75 minutes times 60 seconds per minute.  I mull over the math for a second or two.  That's 4500 seconds.  I feel like I can remember every last mind numbing one.  I look up but my eyes are glazed and unseeing as I continue to nod along to the speech.  Somehow, I'm reminded of a conversation I had with A.G. Robinson years ago.  He'd been commenting on how he always found himself capitulating to his girlfriend's wishes.  I'd told him he was whipped.  I check my watch.  An hour and a half.  I am truly whipped.

    I'm not sure how much later it is that I'm jolted back to the present by a change in the sound pattern.  He's winding down.  "...and that's how I can increase the efficiency of the intermix relays."
    His cheeks have a slight flush of excitement and his eyes are shining.  He knows he's right but he's looking to me for affirmation.  I can't deny him anything.

    "Sounds like a great idea, Trip."  He beams back at me and I know I did the right thing.  "The movie starts in 10 minutes, how about we go watch it and stop by my quarters for a nightcap after."

    His smile turns downright lascivious and he licks his lips.  "You bet, Cap'n."  A shiver runs down my spine.  It's going to be a good night.