Title: The Injury
Author: Joules Mer
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Enterprise is the property of Paramount.  No profit was made, no copyright infringement is intended.
A/N:  This is a response to my five minute challenge on EntSTSlash and is just a bit of fluff.

    Trip rubbed his eyes and squirmed uncomfortably in his seat, he'd always despised waiting.  "Ow!"  The scandalized cry of outrage made him jump, but it carried with it the relief that Malcolm still had a working set of lungs.  He peered intently at the thick privacy curtain, but could not tell what was going on behind it.  He wished someone would tell him something.  

    The curtain was finally pulled aside and Trip was treated to the sight of his lover gingerly lowering himself off of a biobed.  Trip rushed over only to have his helping hands swatted away with an "I'm fine."  Trip's nostrils flared slightly and he was about to inquire just what the hell had happened on the away mission when he was forestalled by the doctor's jovial remarks.

    "That you will be, Lieutenant, but please take care of the wound.  I want to see you tomorrow for a follow up visit and if you find sitting to be too painful just come by sickbay.  I'd be happy to give you a mild analgesic."

    "Thank you, Doctor."  

    Trip was astonished to see Malcolm blushing a dark crimson as he limped towards the door.  After a moment he remembered himself and rushed after the slow moving figure.  "Malcolm, what happened?"

    Malcolm sighed and looked furtively around the corridor before he pulled Trip's head down to a more comfortable level and whispered in his ear.  Trip's eyes widened.  "Oh."  The was a long pause before he reached down and gently cupped the healing butt cheek, "Would it help if I kissed it better?"  Malcolm flushed again, but nodded.  Trip grinned and led his lover back towards his quarters.  He slowed to match Malcolm's awkward gait and was barely able to resist the urge to laugh.  How Malcolm managed to sit on a cactus during an away mission to a jungle escaped him.