This is just a ficlet written for a list sib.  For Miera.  Because someday, in it pains me to think how many more years, I'll be in your shoes.

Title: Quizzed
Author: Joules Mer
Pairing: Tucker/Reed
Rating: PG

    When the door to Malcolm's quarters opened unannounced he didn't bother to look up from his padd.  There were only a few people with the clearance to open his door like that, and there was only one person who would do it at this time of night.  "Where have you been?"

    Trip flopped down on the bunk and rubbed at his eyes.  "Travis and Hoshi conned me into a game of Trivia Challenge Five."


    "The stakes were resequencer  credits."  Trip rolled off the bunk and wandered into the bathroom.  "They cleaned me out."  There were some clattering sounds as he rummaged for his toothbrush.  "Next week they want to play for booze, everyone has to bring a bottle.  It's going to be a team game, Travis and Hoshi against someone and me.  I couldn't back out without looking bad, but combined they'll be really good at the game."  There was the sound of water running before Trip wandered back into the main part of the cabin.  "It didn't help that I got questions like the name of  first child born on Lunar Colony, the author of On the Road, and the man whose army laid siege to Tyre in 332 BCE.  How's anyone supposed to know that?"

    Malcolm didn't look up from the report as he responded absently, "Lulu Parker, Jack Kerouac, and Alexander III of Macedon, also known as Alexander the Great."

    Trip's jaw dropped.  "What?"

    The exclamation broke Malcolm's concentration and made him look up.  "Sorry?"

    Trip was standing by the bunk eyeing his lover in shock.  "You know the *answers*?"

    Malcolm shrugged.  "My sister owned the game when we were younger.  That same edition, in fact.  We used to go through the deck trying to stump each other when we were stuck inside on rainy days.  After you've heard the answer to every question a few times they tend to stick in your head."

    Trip's jaw dropped.  "You've memorized the *deck*?"

    Malcolm didn't even blink.  "Pretty much."

    Trip's eyes narrowed.  "Does Travis know?"

    "I've never played Trivia Challenge against Travis."    

    "So Malcolm..."


    "Wanna be my partner next week?"

    Malcolm set down his report.  "What do you propose to do to make it worth my while?"

    "Besides the nice bottles of scotch and wine we're going to win from Travis and Hoshi?"

    "Besides that."

    "Well..."  Trip  walked over to the desk and pulled out Malcolm's chair so he could straddle the other man's lap.  He pulled his lover in for a lazy kiss before whispering while raising an eyebrow, "I'm sure I can come up with something."

    Malcolm couldn't quite keep the grin off his face.  "You've got a deal."