Slash Fanfic by Series


Story Pair

A Tarnished Family Tree

A Fine Southern Tradition

The Harp Chronicles

Harmonica Lessons


12 Bar Blues

Story Pair

What a Linguist Hears

Today's Memory

Two different possibilities on how the Xindi mission could end. Please note that What a Linguist Hears is a DEATHFIC (Today's Memory is not).

Spirit of the Season

Tricks and Treats

Chocolate Covered Valentines

Santa Baby

Luck of the Irish

Fooling a Fool

Not a true series, but a group of thematically linked stories

Ghosts and Lovers

You, Me, and your Doppelganger Makes Three

A Waking Dream

What We Have Between Us

Story Pair

Fear (Gen)

Courage (Slash)

The Grandfather Paradox

i Squared

A Minimal Solution

Twenty Percent



Another Time


An Ending and a Beginning

The Spam Series


Risa Rx

The Programme

Well Matched

Aliens do it Too


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